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Some might say we’re old fashioned, but the way it was is the way it is.’ 

Matthew McConaughey, Wild Turkey Bourbon advertisement

Director – Ben Golby

British-born and trained Ben Golby is a third generation master craftsman with a strong passion for traditional, quality builds and heritage restorations. He’s fully adopted the skills and meticulous eye for detail learned from his highly-skilled craftsman father, who operates a successful heritage construction company back in Ben’s hometown of Rugby, Warwickshire, in England.

From a very young age Ben has had a strong passion to build using the traditional techniques learned from his father and his equally-skilled grandfather before him. Ben’s brother also builds alongside their father back in England.

It was Ben’s Dad who encouraged him to complete a trade apprenticeship after leaving school at 16 and Ben went straight to Warwickshire Rugby College to train in Traditional Carpentry and Joinery, qualifying with his NVQ (City and Guilds National Vocation Qualification) at age 18. Ben then gained invaluable experience on many heritage builds, including barn and loft conversions in the United Kingdom. This included the restoration and renovation of a nine-bedroom Georgian manor in Stratford.

Ben has always loved snowboarding, biking and other mountain sports so naturally Queenstown, New Zealand, was very appealing. He started out in the Queenstown market working as a carpenter for a local highly respected construction company in 2013, quickly working his way up to foreman. Ben saw an opportunity to offer a standard of excellence in traditional carpentry and construction in the Queenstown Lakes District market, launching Ben Golby’s Traditional Construction in April, 2017. Since then the company has steadily grown with a strong emphasis on good ethics and superior craftsmanship.

This experience and the traditional aspects and values that Ben brings to each build place him locally among the most qualified heritage build carpenters in his field. “I was trained in traditional lumber joinery techniques and this quality finishing is a popular point of difference for my company here in Queenstown,” says Ben. Each project creates or preserves unique pieces that exemplify superior wooden craftsmanship and quality.

“It’s just in the blood, in my roots. I can’t run from it,” says Ben, a self-confessed beyond meticulous, perfectionist. “We’re about building a quality brand that stands the test of time.”

Business Story

Prior to launching Ben Golby’s Traditional Construction in early 2017, Ben worked for a high-profile local luxury building company, adding many $5 to $10 million builds to his repertoire.

For Ben, it’s a personal privilege to help people bring their new home or restoration to life. “People build to impress others and everybody is entitled to achieve their own piece of art, whether that be colonial or modern – either way it should be timeless,” he says. “A person’s home is their own art form, something that they’ve created in their own heart. I get huge satisfaction from delivering a project that a client has designed themselves, helping them to create and live their dream, bringing what they’ve envisaged to fruition and then giving them a pat on the back when it’s all finished,” he says. For Ben it’s about sitting down with people and really understanding what they want, offering that personal touch

I’m fortunate in the Queenstown market to have the opportunity to build luxurious multi-million-dollar houses, applying my traditional building skills to create beautiful alpine homes that are sure to be enjoyed for years to come,” says Ben. “There’s also a unique opportunity in this market to work with an international clientele, and each client has their own unique style, functional needs and preferred materials.” Ben is passionate about building with exotic timbers and other building supplies unique to the South Island.

The Team

Ben Golby Traditional Construction is a unique team of six highly-skilled tradespeople that strives to work and learn traditionally while upholding the highest possible standards and employing modern techniques. This talented team demonstrates excellence in utilising modern tools and technology while providing the sharpest traditional aesthetic.

Ben and his team are now moving the company into an exciting new growth phase, tapping into an emerging new market of sustainably-conscious home-owners keen to create something a little different from the norm. With the transient nature of the area and the global climate during 2020 Ben has ridden out the tide and business is on the rise.

Clientele now range from young people in their 30s entering their first home build at the likes of Hanley’s Farm on the outskirts of Queenstown, to couples in their 50s heading for a more relaxed way of life and retirement. BGT’s team of carpenters has the diversity to cover all tastes and styles

BGT Mission Statement

Ben Golby’s Traditional Construction is a licensed building practitioner of New Zealand (LBP). All Ben Golby’s Traditional Construction staff are fully qualified and we ensure that we provide excellent training for our apprentices.
We are totally committed to maintaining quality training for staff and apprentices in order to maintain the highest possible standards and better satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers.
We are continually advancing our best practice, based on up-to-date standards and methods, while continuing to maintain our traditional ethics.
We have adopted a rigorous quality management system and take pride in a culture of quality and our now proven track record upholding that quality. This excellent quality assurance is backed with a Master Building 10-year guarantee. We continually strive to exceed industry standards and client expectations.